INTERVIEW: Royce Bishop

WHAT!: Royce, When did you start your professional wrestling career?

Royce: I started training in 2013 with Brian Fury at the New England Pro Wrestling Academy. I went on a hiatus in 2015 and made my return January 2018.

W!: How did you get involved with Killa Nova Inc?

R: Christian Casanova started training around the same time as me so that’s my little brother for life I got his back. When he started Killanova with Trips he called me to use one of my songs for their entrance. Once I made my return to wrestling it was only a matter of time before I got with Casanova and change the culture of New England wrestling.

W!: Why was it important for you to get a spot on the WHAT! roster?

R: The Killanova Culture has a long reach and I wanted to work with the best so WHAT! was the next logical choice for expansion. If Wrestling Has A Tomorrow and Royce Bishop is the future then its only fitting that Royce Bishop is part of the WHAT!

W!: Some are saying you don't deserve a spot on the roster without proving yourself first like some of the others had to, What do you have to say to that?

R: Firstly, who said it? Because they damn sure ain’t say it to my face. I ain’t got shit to prove but if anybody want to step to the plate they can see first hand why they call me Body Bag Bishop

W!: Who are some roster members you are looking forward to working with?

R: Let’s start with the champ Dan Maff, AR Fox is super talented and I’d like to see what I can do against his style, JT is great and I think we could do something special. The kid KC Navarro is impressive as well. There’s a stacked roster at WHAT! I really want the opportunity to tear it down with any of them.

W!: Lastly, It was just confirmed the winner of our Rumble For Tomorrow match will get a WHAT! Championship opportunity whenever they want in 2019. How does this change your mind set now heading into your major debut match?

R:My mindset has never changed. It’s ALL GOLD or nothing!! They been calling me Uncle Phil every time I have stepped into a rumble because I be throwing these cats out like Jazzy Jeff.